Spatio Temporal Toolkit is a pure Java "Conceptual" library released under Eclipse Public License that is used to manipulate spatio temporal data-sets. This library is giving powerful boost to data warehouse projects that envolves spatio-temporal data handling (e.g. GPS trajectories or geo-referenced time series). It includes a generic middleware to datawarehouse design and several useful procedures to facilitate ETL processes (such as XML, WebSite, SHP, Txt file extractors). St-Toolkit project started in 2009 with the purpose of building an integrate Java library to be used in order to manipulate database datasets in order to facilitate Data Analysis processes (Data Storage, Mining and Data Maintainance). If you find this software useful or interesting please consider the possibility to Donate in order to support our work and development.

Our library is now still in Planning phase, that's why we need your help! if you are interested in Database interaction, Java intregration tools or Data Warehousing, please contact me (click on About menu item) and start collaborating with us!